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  In 1992, Neil Baker at the suggestion of daughter, Daryl, and son-in-law, Larry Kreager, bought Tuggles Gap from Mr. Mills. She arrived with years of restaurant management experience , great recipes, love of the business and her cherished Tuggle's Gap Restaurant - Floyd County, Virginia: Owners Rotweiller,
Captain Midnight.

In true pioneering spirit, Neil risked her life savings and comfortable life in New Mexico to realize her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant. After several months, she recruited help from her daughter, Cheri Baker, who’d been working in the restaurant business in Washington State for many years.

Neil retired in the fall of 2003 and with her guidance and support, daughter Cheri has continued to manage Tuggles Gap using Neil’s recipes and credo, “We love to serve you."

Tuggles Gap has been serving
customers on the Blue Ridge Parkway,
Floyd and the surrounding area for more
than 60 years.
Built in 1938 by General Boyd in anticipation of the future Blue Ridge Parkway, Tuggles Gap initially operated as a gas station with soda pop and candy. Soon after, the first eight motel units were built. Descendants of General Boyd ran the business until 1985 when it was purchased by Retired Marine Bill Mills. Tuggle's Gap Motel - Floyd County, Virginia